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nested dolls

Nested dolls usually mean presence of persons, but I never draw persons on the nested dolls, I represent architecture of Moscow and the Moscow Kremlin on the nested dolls. The nested doll is pleasant to me the big useful area, on one nested doll from 15 places it is possible to draw half of architectural monuments of capital. Nested dolls are convenient and in rather small weight in comparison for example with easter eggs - nested dolls it is very easy to send on international mail - weight of such parcel(sending) does not take away from you many forces and money. As a whole I think, what exactly a nested doll the most suitable object for my creativity, the abundance of located cathedrals and traditional character of the form do(make) its(her) irreplaceable in my souvenir-architectural work - creativity

The manufacturing techniques of nested dolls at me differ in varnishes, I do not use parquet and яхтовые varnishes, they inadmissibly deform colors of ready works. For the nested dolls I buy more expensive(dear), but incomparably qualitative Italian and Spanish varnishes which are at all not deforming colors of paints and completely protecting ready work from influence solar sun .Ну and certainly the image of architecture on nested dolls not absolutely traditionally

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All blessings, good luck in all undertakings.

Moscow Kremlin in painting artist Moscow Kremlin in painting artist