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Panoramas of Moscow and Moscow Kremlin - my hobby work - creation of architectural ensembles directly connected by my basic on wooden easter eggs, a panel and ekc…. The ambassador show panoramas I ask on a visit on the main page of my site. Leave record in the guest book with the wishes and critical remarks. All blessings and creative successes.

I draw the Moscow Kremlin and other cathedrals of Moscow on wooden souvenirs about 20 years, for this time cities and villages, the whole virtual countries from walls and temples are created.
Wooden nested dolls, easter eggs, panel from a tree, painted feed bags, practically everything, that is possible painting and, that the architecture of the Moscow Kremlin in wonder is at the same time a souvenir for my basic buyers it is tourists, foreigners, those to whom. I would like to make the project also cognitive, I have stated the vision of the Kremlin in pictures, it both souvenirs and a photo of a panorama, on them I in detail describe buildings, names of cathedrals, monuments, historical places. I try to bear cognitive feature of architecture of Moscow in the works.

The history of our native land was cast in towers and monuments. I can note particular feature of architecture of the Moscow Kremlin which certainly is present as reflection at hearts of all Russians completely different and at first sight irreconcilable among themselves symbols peacefully get on here, as however and in our souls. In ensemble of the centre of our great native land interlace monuments of the most various epoch and global ideas. This one of prominent features of our huge native land - her many-sided nature of culture and its amazing great tolerance Red stars as suffering of the world, call us to ideals of the sky and personify not come true construction of communism, the three-coloured flag of bourgeois republic calls to freedom of a society of the advanced industry .Кресты remind of weight of a terrestrial share, археистичный the ancient mutant - two-headed eagle more similar to a dragon, causes thousand-year trembling of each Russian before a throne and tsar the father.

Almost Egipedsky the mausoleum to the Great Atheist of all times which have created the state where greed it was penal. Ancient Minin and Pogarskyi responding in our hearts comprehension of a national trouble and affinity of their expectations to us today's.

Monument to general Zhukovu (.. Yes, there were people presently, not that a present tribe, bogatyrs, not you...) Who has told, what tsar the gun did not shoot? The Russian army always differed power of the guns, huge with wide muzzle - such are not intended for the nucleus - terrible weapon of the past a case-shot

Place of execution, and before a look come to life streltci and Stenka Razin. The first tsar - founder of Russia Ivan Terribl cut heads to all members of household and distant relatives of the enemies up to the seventh knee. It(he) did not forget the most interesting and about servants. Yes yes yes, servants of enemies too executed with all relatives. Conversations on Joseph Stalin's cult of personality on Ivan's background III simply pity babble.

Observing full of danger and cruelty life of ancestors the present time appears as a kind, tender children's fairy tale. Ponder the reader as it is good to live in our present! About our native land, Moscow, the Moscow Kremlin, their history and architecture it is possible to speak hours. I am glad, that have managed a way to cast in the lot with them. The given site is devoted not only to mine creativity - my sister and my friends do not draw cathedrals Moscow of the Kremlin on wooden souvenirs, they paint with a wall and ceilings - them I have allocated small section under the name the LIST of WALLS.

PANORAMAS of MOSCOW section site - my hobby connected to my basic work. I regularly using good weather and a free time fill up the given section

You love Moscow and Russia, the artist, the photographer, the expert, the creative person or simply good person-я is glad to welcome you on pages of my site, leave record in my guest book, we can with you further exchange references for promotion of our resources in a network. I wish all successes in life and simply good mood. Moscow Kremlin in painting artist on wooden souvenir Moscow Kremlin in painting artist on wooden souvenir BACK TO HOME


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